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Heart-Centered Women:
Live a Luminous &
Limitless Life!
(At any age & any stage!)

Christina Turner Ward,
Certified Transformational Life Coach
 Master Energy Therapist

"What is the one thing you are going to do with your Wild and Precious life?"
- Mary Oliver

Are you feeling like something is missing?
Are you overwhelmed, like your circumstances are making it impossible to live the life you want and deserve?
Are you wanting to make changes, start a business, find or improve a relationship?
Do you know you want something different but don't know how to get it? 
Many women are feeling this longing and discontent not knowing that there is happiness, light and joy available to them!

What if I told you that breaking through those circumstances was easier than you think? Women especially have a harder time overcoming the choices they've made and the dreams they've let go. Did you know that the thoughts and beliefs that you hold about yourself and your life might just be what's blocking your ability to create that life of your dreams.

Learn to tap into your own power and listen to your own inner wisdom.
Live struggle-free, finally able to let go of doubts and fears; waking up every day feeling confident and joyful, knowing that you are a Luminous Woman and always have way more available to you than you are aware of!

Spirit Wisdom Coaching Transformational Programs for Women are
Heart- Centered, proven, reliable and designed  to help you do just that!
VIP Transformational Life Coaching

What Clients have to say

Christina Turner Ward is  Somerset County, NJ's premier transformational life coach for women.  She serves Somerset Co, NJ and surrounding areas.  She is also happy to offer coaching services  nationwide through individual or group coaching phone calls and through Skype.
"I had read The Secret and I knew about the Law of Attraction but after trying, I just couldn't make it work in my life. Christina showed me how those concepts only go so far and that it is our unconscious belief system that holds us back. She was able to help me understand how the Universal Laws work and learn some simple tools that have allowed me to stop blaming and completely change my life! I love my life and who I AM now! Her coaching is compassionate, intuitive and actually a lot of fun!" ~  M.B., New Jersey

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